Luyen nghe Anh van
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Nice to meet you ! Welcome ! Review lesson 19 -27
How are you Special to day Making a phone call
What does she look like ! Introductions Visiting a friend
Where are you from ? At School Greeting and Introduction
Do you speak English ? Location Breakfast Recommendation
My family Shopping Ordering the food
These are my relatives Did you buy this for me ? Check please
What do you do ? Activeties Meeting a friend
Where do you work ? Listen to the music How is the car
What time is it ? What's you dinner ? About the train
What day is it ? He is taller than I am A pair of shoes
How is the weather ? What is the tallest mountain ? Buying a phone
What are you wearing ? Furniture Directions to the toilet
The body At the station Make an appoinment for later
What the matter ? Past experiences Choosing a movie
Home sweet home Future life What is coincident
Tell me about your fumiture ? I wish upon a star Making a date
I'm hungry ! World Knowledge Going to the shop
Would you like to go ? Social group Postponing
My vacation Dining out Passing a message
How do you travel ? What are your job skills ? Making a conversation
How do you get there ? Talking on the phone  
Ask me a question The art  
I dont know Transportation  
Review lesson 1-9 Celebrations  
Review lesson 10-18 Review lesson 1-9  
Review lesson 19-27 Review lesson 10-18  
General Listening Quizzes
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DVD Movie Rentals

A Student Credit Card

Making Money Online

Daily Schedule

A Healthy Lifestyle

72-Hour Emergency Kit

College Life

A Hiking Family

A Free Cell Phone!

Business Communications

UFO: A Story to Remember

A University Degree

Clothing Styles

American Slang

ABCs of Money Matters

Christmas is Coming!

Back to School Supplies

Cancer Treatment

Camping under the Stars

Baking Cookies

Car Accident

Apartments for Rent

Breakfast Recipes

Car Repairs

A Day at School

Budget Hotel Rooms

Dating Woes

Answering Machine

Car Rental

Driving Road Test

Eyeglasses for You

College Majors

Enjoying the Zoo

A Fun Day

College Textbooks

Easy Pet Care

Family Activities

Computer Sales and Repairs

Flower Shop

Family Relationships

Dinner Time

First Mountain Bank

Family Relationships

Driver’s License

Friday Night Mishaps

First Date

Emergency Call

Friendly Dental Care

Getting Around Tokyo

Exercise Program

Expressing Condolences

Good Old Blues

English Language Center

Furniture Store

Joe’s Hamburger Restaurant

Great Apartment Living

Home Repairs

Happy Birthday!

Grocery Shopping

Home Security

Heavenly Pies Restaurant

Haven’t We Met Before?

Hotel Check-In

Hotel Reservations

Holiday Traditions

Housing Complaints

Immigration and Customs

A Japanese Bath

Baseball: It’s a Home Run

Lost in a Crowd

Just a Hair Cut, Please!

Job Hunting

Nice to Meet You

Leisure Activities

DVDs and Videos

Party Time!

Medical Advice

Personal Problems

Phone Message

Meeting Singles

Professional Babysitting

Picnic Preparations

New York Travel

Refinancing Mortgage Loans

Children’s Books: Reading Time

Personal Security

Video Rental Shop Version A

Video Rental Shop

Pizza Delivery

School Report

Shopping for the Day

Radio Advertising

Security Systems

Sightseeing Around Town

Saturday’s Chores

Store Returns

Snack Time!

Movie Show Times

Summer Camp

What’s the Matter?

Snacks and Candy

Taxi Ride

Spending Money

Street Market


Tell me about yourself

Taxi Ride

The Ideal Woman

Train Tickets

Traffic Ticket

Trivia Game Show

Travel on Sky Airlines

TV Guide

Utah Travel Ad

Travel Arrangements

Vacation Plans

Video Game Systems

What a Busy Day!

Weekly Activities

Wedding Anniversary

Where are you from?

World of Computers

Where’s the Movie Theater?

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